Simorgh Air Virtual Airline was established in January of 2008 and has been operating its flights since the beginning days of activity. Simorgh Air is based in Tehran, and is active as one of Iranian virtual airlines operating internationally.

We have aimed to organize the VA based on real commercial and financial concepts which is not common between most of virtual airlines. This advantage makes us able to fly this airline even in real world competitive atmosphere. However this realism would not prevent us to make joyful and warm atmosphere for pilots; actually Simorgh Air is willing to do its best to make the situation friendly and of course professional for all members.

Simorgh Air warmly welcomes pilots from all over the world, specially the ones who have flying experience on the aircraft types which are active on our fleet. If you are interested to fly with the VA join us today.
Simorgh Air kindly invites all members and visitors of this website to join Iransim flight simulator forum; it is notable that a special section is allocated to Simorgh Air VA by the caring administrator of the Iransim group.
PilotFlight NoDateDEPARRDEPARRStatus
SIV104 - Kambiz Noori SI 4462 23.04.2014 06:29 01:20 02:45 01:21 02:32 On Time
SIV104 - Kambiz Noori SI 4462 23.04.2014 06:29 01:20 02:40 01:21 02:32 On Time

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